Empowering Women Through My Music


What is the concept behind “She Is?”

“She Is” was meant to be more than just another rap or hip-hop track. The overall goal was to make good music but after the producer sent me the track and I began to brainstorm ideas it dawned on me that it was more than music. It was about female empowerment. It seeks to inspire women from all walks of life.

What does “She Is” mean to you?

“She Is” is about knowing who you are as a woman! It’s about accepting who and what “YOU” want to be despite what society deems necessary. We are all unique in our own way and that’s what I want women to get. I want people to vibe to the music, feel good (laughs) but listen to the story behind it.

What can your fans/listeners expect from your upcoming Debut?

Expect to see a real person (woman) with genuine feelings, emotions, hopes and aspirations. There is no cliché to my craft. I love what I do so I put all of myself into it. People always harp on being “different” but how many rappers/emcees are really “different” now days?!  Who dares to step away from the norm and be labeled taboo?! ME! I think people will fall in love with an organic yet new flavor of hip-hop. I’m trying to paint a picture not fit into one.

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