No time for Second Guessing!

MONDAY! Let us all face it, it’s MONDAY! BUT… today, try not to look at like it’s the beginning of the week and think to yourself OMG is it Friday yet. Try to see today as the beginning of something great! Talk about motivation in the AM 🙂

I definitely have to fuel my motivation early this week. Last week seemed to be somewhat of a trying week for me. I’m currently working on my debut EP, that’s an Extended Play for those of you who don’t quite understand music terms. Talk about high stress levels, rivers cried and many sleepless nights! *Cue the violin* Honestly, those of you who have ever dedicated your time and energy to something your passionate about understand exactly what I’m talking about! It’s hard to stay focused when your dealing with the everyday demands of “real life.”

It doesn’t just stop at bills, relationships, etc. it continues on with people’s opinions. That’s by far a weakness of mine and probably a weakness of many others. I can say that I have grown to be able to accept constructive criticism as well as respect others opinions. Do I agree 100%? Definitely NOT! That’s all a part of growing and learning to make stronger decisions. It’s somewhat of skill, I think. Sometimes others opinions can throw us off track. It’s like being in a race, you’re in the lead, moving at full speed feeling confident and free when ALL OF SUDDEN you look back and see someone catching up to you and you slow down! What happens next? You lose your confidence and start doubting your capabilities. Hey, it happens.

I read an article the other day that really pushed me to write this post. It was entitled “Idea Killers”  That’s how I view most opinions from others. Not all, but most! There are times when I have a great idea, especially when it comes to my music, and people just don’t see my vision. It’s perfectly fine for someone to not agree with or even like an idea you may have. However, you have to know when NOT to second guess yourself. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut! If it all goes up in flames, who the heck cares! At least, you followed your own lead and took the initiative to even try!

I came close to losing all the hard work and effort I’ve put into this last year of making my CD. Just then, I decided to step back and take my own advice!

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