Don’t Stop just GO!


Happy Hump Day! Halfway thru the week, well almost. This week has been pretty interesting thus far. I recently celebrated my 26th birthday on Monday. Yay 26 even an exciting year?! Probably not BUT I’m alive!

Anywho…back to the “interesting” part of this week. My nephew usually only calls me when he’s mad or when he wants something (of course typical for an 8 year old) This week, he called and said, “I’m so upset I can’t figure out how to play my X Box game!” I chuckled quietly (I definitely didn’t want him to hear me) BUT I wasn’t laughing at him, I was laughing at the fact I still secretly get upset when I play games. Ask anyone, I’m extremely competitive (don’t judge me.)

After his rant on how the Incredible Hulk wouldn’t make it to the next level, I intervened. I always try to explain to him that you will not always understand everything you do in life. It takes practice and a lot of patience! Whatever you do Fella (thats my name for him LOL) you have to keep going! He doesn’t always understand and I totally see why he doesn’t because I am the same way! I get flustered about things that I cannot figure out. We are humans. It’s as if, we feel we should have some secret power to make things happen. Man…wouldn’t that be amazing?! Yeah, in all of OUR dreams; That’s not reality!

Life throws so many curve balls you never really know when to swing. Even as adults, we don’t always understand why we can’t accomplish something or why some situations seem impossible to overcome. At times, I still wish I had someone to sit me down like I was 8 years old again and explain it that simplistically! The ride only gets rockier as we get older. I wish my current frustrations were from the result of an X Box game LOL.

No matter what, you must keep going! See what you want and go get it! Maybe you want to run a marathon, write a book, bake a cake, whatever it may be go after it! You will NEVER (yes I said never) know what you’re capable of If you don’t try! Remember it will take practice and it will take patience but that’s the beauty of it.

Just keep going! That’s my version OR one of my faves “just keep swimming!” Finding Nemo is a great movie to watch for inspiration. You’re NEVER too old!

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