Cue YOUR Theme Music!

Hump Day is the day we all look forward to (well I do.) We’re halfway thru the week, halfway thru listening to all of the bosses request, and free from the torture of our 9-5 lives! Unless, you LOVE your job, you’re tortured!

Music is what keeps me sane! Rather it’s Anita Baker, Ivy, or my OWN. As a music artist, I am always losing myself in a song. The 6 AM shower concerts that wake the entire house up, yep that’s me! It’s so necessary for freeing your mind and maintaining your energy throughout the day…Well, that and a fresh, homemade smoothie compliments of Taste My Buds 🙂

The goal is to dance to every rhythm of life. That’s my tag line (if we want to be specific LOL) No matter what the day brings “Cue your theme Music!” Whatever that may be, a little GaGa, The Script, Jay-Z, oh and please don’t forget smooth Jazz greats Sade, Kenny G and all the great classical composers ( YES! I listen to it all)

STOP! Take 60 seconds out of your oh so busy life and think about that one song that gets you going, motivates YOU. It’s key! Live a little.

PS: This is probably My Fave…I’ve already listened about um 5 times today! (Don’t judge me)

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