Re-Inventing YOU!

Soo…it’s Tuesday, blah blah (count Dracula voice-sorry I just saw Hotel Transylvania) Yet, another day for being kind to others and finding progression in life so that’s a good thing…I guess 🙂

Life is all about re-inventing yourself, so I’ve noticed. As I dive deeper and deeper into my music, my perception changes. I start asking different questions then before and viewing content and what it means from a different light. However, during this great discovery, I begin to notice I was hitting a creative wall (it happens) It’s a little thing I’d like to call LIFE!

What am I missing?! Once you are wrapped up in “success” you lose that spark that kept you fearless and made you GO! Enough of the lecture (I know that’s what you’re saying) but it’s reality we all go through it! I, on the other hand, decided to begin Acting Classes. WTF! Yeah, that’s what I thought the first day of class. This was way out of my league. BUT…I love a challenge! Week after week I wanted to jump off of a bridge (not in a literal sense people) but I kept going! I’m always stopping myself before I even start. Big flaw of mine.

A month and a half later, I’m in the Advanced On-Camera class at the Penny Templeton Studio Who the heck knew that if you just keep going the bend in the road is not the end of the road (Thanks to Jerry for that)

Everyone can find something that gets them excited all over again, something fresh, foreign! As I mentioned, we as humans get to wrapped up in the what, who, why and all that other non-sense. There’s no need for technicality all the time guys for real! Have Fun!

I’m finding ways to re-invent myself everyday! Being an aspiring entertainer, Acting is just another thing for me to mess up in and then master LOL. It’s the ultimate win!

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