True Essence of Hip Hop

Only for those true ears that can respect the true essence of Hip Hop. It has taken a while for me to find my sound and stay true to it. I have definitely been riding the emotional rollercoaster of  the underground music industry. Constantly battling, what people think is going to sell, what I should go for and what other people thought was best for me. Somewhere a long the way, I lost  my purpose for doing music, the true reason I was doing it in the first place. I’ve made all types of music, but none of those represented who LaurenAsh was.

This album is my remedy of hip hop. Combined with everything that makes me, me. I want “music heads” to be able to relate to me, my music and my lyrics.

It’s not about, whether or not you can shake your ass to my music, its whether you can relate to what it is I’m saying and being able to feel different about yourself or the situation that you may be in.

Stay tuned! New Project is coming 2012! Be sure to check out for new updates!

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